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Smart CCTV for Future Growth

A video surveillance system is one of the basic elements of ensuring the security of any city or company. It is difficult to imagine any site without a video surveillance system. CCTV provides wide opportunities for monitoring what is happening at the site: you can distinguish the denomination of banknotes at a distance, capture the face of an intruder in the dark, get instant access to any remote site on the smartphone screen - this is only a small part of the functions of modern video surveillance systems. CCTV cameras are significantly more accurate than the more traditional systems, as they leave no chance for human error.

Basic Element

AI CCTV cameras have shown how the security industry is constantly developing with the help of new technologies. Other features found in new CCTV camera systems include thermal cameras, solar-powered cameras and those with features like time-lapse and heat/fire detection. Smart CCTV can also increase business profits: A Bloomberg Business study the effects of surveillance at 392 restaurants showed that where surveillance cameras were in place and operational, businesses saw a 22 percent drop in theft and a 7 percent increase in profits.

Technologies for Future Growth

Smart CCTV is a way to improve safety and business efficiency. Along with their self-learning systems, features like object tracking and facial recognition make smart CCTV cameras an advanced and effective solution for future growth. MTEON’s experts will select the optimal video surveillance platform for you based on your tasks and budget.

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