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Face Recognition for Security and Customer Service

Facial recognition is one of the most demanded system which increases sales, optimizes marketing costs, improves the quality and speed of customer service. Facial biometrics is able to provide data about your customers: recognize gender and age, count unique visitors, and register visiting frequency. It opens up the best opportunities in personalized marketing. You can deliver more satisfying and personalized customer experiences, give VIPs and patrons the preferential treatment they desire.

Transforming the Customer Experience

Face recognition solution is a major component in the field of smart security. It helps to prevent a crime even before it takes place. Because of CCTV surveillance cameras with facial recognition being installed in crowded areas, the crime rate has been much less. In many countries, airports use this system of artificial intelligence to recognize faces of passengers so that there are no suspected risks involved. Through facial recognition, the information obtained is trustworthy and avoids any possibility of error.

The Highest Level of Security

The accuracy and speed of face recognition significantly depend on the video image quality and the level of illumination. No matter how advanced the algorithms are, it is important to correctly choose, install and configure cameras and software. We know how to effectively implement facial recognition in any facility, up to the whole city. And we will help your company to protect data and work in full compliance with the law of personal data protection.

Accuracy and Speed

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