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Outstanding Advantages of MTEON PREMIUM

Premium solutions for integrated security, engineering systems, cable and power networks are built on the best equipment from world technology leaders.

The First-Class Equipment

The team of best engineers, system architects, programmers, installers will work on your project. We provide a full technical analysis of the project to develop a premium solution.

Highly Skilled Professionals

The appearance and “invisibility” of the installed equipment is important for our Customers. We can customize the equipment individually according to your interior design.

Personalized Design

You can count on MTEON Premium Service to deliver excellent quality, reliability and performance in any case. We guarantee 24/7 personal service manager support and provide equipment replacement fund if needed.

Premium Service

The perfect results of MTEON work are based on honesty, integrity and professionalism of all our employees. We operate in accordance with national and international laws and regulations, internal guidelines and voluntary commitments, we repay the considerable trust shown in MTEON by our Customers and business partners on a daily basis.

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Structure Cabling Systems
Smart Home
& Office
For more than 20 years we develop premium solutions based on the best security systems from world technology leaders. Premium solutions have special features and technologies in addition to an elegant design that fits perfectly into any interior.

We know the algorithms of artificial intelligence in CCTV cameras at the “molecular” level and will set up all systems to reduce the staff load and optimize the budget.
Modern access control systems go far beyond opening and closing doors. These are entire ecosystems that have fantastic abilities.

Imagine: all doors are open automatically, the elevator comes without any action on your part when you, your family or guests appear in your house or office making them feel welcome and respected.

We will set up any scenarios to protect your loved ones and your property and configure the access of different people to different facilities.
The structured cabling system (SCS) is a unified system of communication cables and switching equipment that allows to unite telephone, local networks, video surveillance and security systems. Without SCS it is inconceivable to build modern high-speed data networks, voice and video information for organizations of any rank.

Being well designed and perfectly installed by MTEON’s engineers, the SCS delivers magnificent performance and gives you the extra flexibility to accommodate moves, additions and changes, maximizes your system availability, gives you redundancy and future proofs the usability of the cabling system.
MTEON is the benchmark authority and touchstone for electrical expertise and the most current energy technologies. Our electrical expertise and passion for excellence is brought to every job, in every building.

Premium electrics are distinguished by the highest degree of reliability and safety, wide technical functionality, state-of-the-art energy saving technologies and aesthetic design. MTEON will provide professional design of the entire system, perfect installation and correct adjustment of lighting control and power management.
We develop and build reliably protected Wi-Fi networks for a residence, yacht, office or an enterprise. With our seamless Wi-Fi connectivity services, we make internet signals reach across your premise wireless - be it home or business, and ensures you stay connected while moving from one place or room to another with no interruption to your internet connection.

MTEON can transform an ineffective and unreliable network into a powerful platform and ensure that all your computers and internet devices connect flawlessly.
Advanced technologies for “Smart home & office" will give the highest level of comfort and surprise your guests. Automating the response to all kinds of scenarios will free up more time for yourself and provide confidence and peace of mind.

Make your life easier with custom designed smart home & office automation by MTEON. Operate your security system, climate, door locks, lights, A/V and more from your smart phone or mobile device.

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