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Access Control & Time Attendance for Staff Management

The access control system is the most effective tool for managing access to your sites. Modern access control systems allow you to control the movements of your employees using a smart card, face, fingerprint or mobile phone as an identifier. The reporting systems will track the routes of movement, the time spent or the location of your employees. With the help of the access control system, you can not only restrict access to the sites, but also keep track of the working time of employees to, for instance, optimize their environment.

Run Your Entire Facility

Optimize time-attendance process by using access control solution on all locations. Logging arrival at work, automated noting, and analysis of work hours are just some of the benefits which helps your business run smoothly. The integration of access control and time tracking will increase the discipline of employees in your company. MTEON’s experts will implement any access control and time tracking system.

Time Attendance Management System

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