Nedap is a global technology leader in customer-oriented security management solutions.

It is more than just an Access Control system.
Nedap solutions have a unique architecture that can be expanded and adapted to suit any need. Nedap AEOS is a ready-made commercial platform based on open standards, which is easily integrated and configured. AEOS gives you access control that’s always fit for purpose, up-to-date and has no end life.

About Nedap


Nedap can be flexibly integrated into any internal system of the organization and easily extends to meet your needs. From HR integrations to biometrics and from VMS to intrusion detection, it can work with any corporate management system. Therefore, Nedap integration is comfortable for the Customer: there is no need to change the usual policies and business processes.


Nedap AEOS is based entirely on open standards – it ensures your system can be tailored to your specific needs and is future proof. You can use any devices from any vendor in your Access Control system. Nedap partners with a great set of hardware and software companies - the possibilities are endless.

Innovative Technologies

Nedap is a high-tech company, a leader in innovation. The Company was the first to use the Internet of Things in Access Control systems and developed innovative algorithms of components interaction. This greatly increased the level of automation, reliability and convenience for the end Customers. AEOS is always up-to-date and ensures support for the latest technologies, features and security.

Phenomenal Scalability

With Nedap AEOS, you can start small and expand gradually. Both the pricing model and architecture are designed to scale with your Company’s needs. In total, the system can process up to 30,000 doors with an unlimited number of users. Therefore, Nedap is chosen by both small companies and large corporations, such as ADNOC, Saudi Aramco, Unilever, etc.

Technologies for People

AEOS goes beyond opening doors, making people feel safe and protecting their valuable assets. It lets you decide how to react to specific situations. AEOS offers a web-based application that’s tailored to your specific needs and lets you easily amend your security policy. And AEOS is so intuitive that people need little training and can use it to complete tasks much more efficiently.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection

AEOS is secured by the highest standards to protect against the impact of cyber-attacks on access control. Nedap pioneered the use of readers with the SAM encryption module, which uses some of the most powerful encryption algorithms. No one will ever be able to connect to the reader, read the data and forge an access card. Any cyber-attacks will be unsuccessful.
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Only 5% of the thousands of Nedap partners in the world have the elite status of EXPERT PARTNER. It confirms the highest qualification of our engineers and the ability to provide the best conditions to our Partners and Customers.

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Our vast experience and expertise will allow you to increase the efficiency of digital systems built on AXIS solutions on a maximum level.

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Nedap solutions are well known to our engineers, and we will help in choosing the components and building the solution you need according to your demands.

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We develop and proof any innovative concept according to your requirements. We create systems of any level of complexity, and we know how to unleash their potential

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We know how to develop safety system standards that will put you in the lead. Our solutions become the standard for global corporations and are implemented in other branches around the world.
MTEON assigns a separate team of specialists for each project. Our experts are always ready to advise, help draw up and protect the technical specifications, select systems that will meet all technical, functional, operational and economic requirements.
As usual, the Customers already have security systems integrated, and it is often necessary to adapt Nedap solutions to the existing environment. We seamlessly integrate systems tailored to your requirements to work effectively in your environment.
The highest level of competence and professionalism of our engineers and system architects allows them to look beyond the numbers in the specification and see more. When developing solutions, we think about the value that you can get with Nedap.

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Choose your access control system in 5 steps. The critical steps you should take to choose an access control system that will keep pace with your company for the next ten years.

5 Steps to Access Control

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ADNOC is the world’s leading energy producer, with interests ranging from exploration, production, storage, refining and distribution, to the development of a wide range of petrochemical products. It’s been a key catalyst for Abu Dhabi’s economic growth and diversification and has facilities across the United Arab Emirates.

Facts at a glance:
  • Unified access control
  • Centralized access management
  • Multiple sites including Iconic HQ building
  • Smart BLE & QR based employee and visitor access

ADNOC wanted to unite its security in one system used across multiple locations. In doing so, it wanted to build on its existing investments to achieve the following:
  • Central control – with several premises to protect ADNOC wanted the ease of centralised monitoring and control. It didn’t want to be managing multiple servers or access control technologies.
  • Freedom for employees – ADNOC wanted its employees to be able to move freely and securely between its facilities using one standard ID card.
  • Easy visitor management – to avoid queues at reception, ADNOC wanted to be able to create virtual credentials for visitors, such as a QR code. It also wanted to be able restrict visitors to specific areas or floors to prevent security vulnerabilities.
Multiple ADNOC sites across the UAE now have AEOS access control and are connected to one central server and database. These sites can be monitored centrally, and authorizations for access through turnstiles, speed gates, elevators, office doors and more can be managed centrally. ID cards and QR codes can also be issued from one location. And, in the future, other ADNOC buildings can be added to the same server and integrated into this unified AEOS system.
This centralized approach offers great convenience to employees while ensuring high levels of security. They can now use the same ID card to easily access multiple ADNOC buildings. When entering a building they don’t usually work from, instead of having to register at reception they simply swipe their ID card at an entry point.
Visitors also have a more convenient, but no less secure, way of accessing ADNOC buildings. ADNOC employees can raise a visit request in AEOS and give visitors instructions for pre-registering themselves and generating a QR code. When the visitor arrives at ADNOC, they present this code at a reader and can gain access without having to wait at reception.
National Bank of Kuwait

The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) is Kuwait’s largest financial institution. It has 68 branches in its homeland and more than 143 worldwide.

Facts at a glance:
  • 750+ online doors
Integration with:
  • Samsotech (passport & national ID reader)
  • OSDP-compliant HID readers
  • Destination control for lifts

When NBK moved its operations to newly built headquarters, it chose AEOS access control by Nedap to protect them. NBK also wanted to centralize its access control. Having already used AEOS in some locations for over a decade, it knew that this flexible, scalable system could help to achieve that.

AEOS is now implemented not only at NBK’s iconic headquarters, a building it owns and manages, but at its bank branches and data centers across Kuwait too.
NBK was looking to update its security policies and take a centralized approach to monitoring and controlling access.

With facilities spread across Kuwait, it wanted to unify access control for employees across all its locations. And, as NBK wanted its new security system to have the integration capabilities to fit into its IT ecosystem, it needed to be based on an open platform.

After in-depth discussions for more than a year, NBK was confident that Nedap could help it achieve its security goals. It also felt comfortable that AEOS would provide all the features it needs such as map alarm handler, zoning, customized reporting and lift integration.

NBK’s future-proof AEOS system has now been implemented and is helping the bank to manage daily operations. With just one server and database for all its locations spread across the country, NBK can monitor and control access centrally.
“As we were making an investment that would be used across many sites, we wanted to be sure we selected absolutely the right system. Nedap proved that AEOS would provide not only the unification and specific features that we need, but the flexibility to make future adaptations and integrations too. Also, AEOS is cleverly designed around the people using it, so it brings value in terms of time saved and increased convenience, as well as improved security.”

Mr. Ezzat Hallal, General Manager - Engineering Services

The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) is the educational authority for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates and the home of the country's capital city. Organized in 2005 by the UAE's president Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the department is responsible primarily for the management and administration of the emirate's public schools. Additionally, it issues licenses, monitors, and inspects the emirate's many different private schools.

Facts at a glance:
  • Smart access control system using combi cards, virtual IDs and QR codes
  • 100+ multi-technology readers
  • Mobile access
  • Speed gates integrated with long-range UFH RFID readers
  • Integration with facial recognition
  • Integration with time and attendance system
  • Two-way integration with Oracle ERP

Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) was looking for a new security system. In particular, it wanted a system with flexible architecture that would enable centralized control and the integration of several other systems. Including HR management software, vehicle access, visitor management and smart access control technology.

ADEK’s security system was outdated and didn’t offer centralized control, so the department wanted to replace it with more flexible, futureproof technology. The migration needed to be completed, however, with no downtime for ADEK’s existing system.

The main requirement was to secure entry and exit points, replacing existing fingerprint technology with touchless access control using RFID technology. The department wanted to enable mobile access for its employees, powered by digital IDs, and make use of facial recognition technology. It also wanted to provide seamless vehicle access to its parking facility.

ADEK wanted to use its new system to not only improve security but aid its effectiveness by tracking employees’ productivity via a smart time and attendance system using mobile phones. Remote clocking with geofencing was an important requirement for this element.

What ADEK really needed was an open-platform security system with the integration capabilities to fit seamlessly into its IT ecosystem.

After a detailed review involving several rounds of evaluation, ADEK decided to implement Nedap’s AEOS access control system, which offers end-to-end security. This is not only now the core system for ADEK, but also for the Department of Community Development (DCD).

With one central server and database, the team at ADEK can now stay in control of access and monitor employee attendance. webTA – the smart time and attendance application – and Oracle ERP are now integrated seamlessly with AEOS and meet ADEK’s requirement for remote clocking with geofencing.

Touchless, third-party speed gates have also been integrated with Nedap’s NVITE multi-technology reader to provide convenient access for employees. They can gain touchless access using facial recognition or a digital ID on their mobile phone. The development of digital IDs for ADEK not only helps to improve security and convenience, but also removes the need for employees to carry plastic cards. For standard doors, Nedap’s long-range readers are used.

A visitor management system has also been integrated with ADEK’s AEOS system, and uses QR codes to provide a streamlined, touch-free experience for visitors.
“We now have a smart, centralized system with each element integrated in a streamlined way. It’s enabling much closer, more efficient management of access and operations. And we feel reassured that we have the option to easily make changes and additions, as and when we need to in the future.”

Mr. Walid Nsouli, Division Director – ICT & Smart Services, ADEK.