Axis Communications is a global technology leader in the innovative solutions based on sight, sound and analytics to improve security, customer experience and optimize business performance. Today AXIS enables a smarter and safer world by developing cutting-edge solutions to protect and grow your business. Other vendors follow AXIS technological trends and copy them.

About Axis

Extraordinal Opportunities

AXIS unique technologies provide excellent savings on investments in network-based systems. AXIS Zipstream reduces video data traffic volume by 50-95%, AXIS Lightfinder delivers full color video in low light conditions, Axis Device Manager and built-in cybersecurity features make it as easy as possible to mitigate risks.

Cutting Edge Technologies

AXIS is a recognized world leader in innovative technical solutions. Most of the modern IP technologies and standards are developed by or through AXIS engineers. AXIS created the world's first IP camera in 1996. AXIS solutions are the peak that other vendors are striving to reach.

Incredible Reliability

Most AXIS devices are working more than 10 years of uninterrupted operation. In our experience, AXIS products have the highest fault tolerance on the market: the average rejection rate is less than 0.1%. In addition, AXIS gives a 5-year warranty on all equipment.

Phenomenal Scalability

AXIS solutions are suitable to satisfy all kind of demands, from critical infrastructure industries with high-end security standards to complex smart system for an entire city to achieve its sustainable goals.

Open Architecture

AXIS solutions are based on open algorithms and standards to increase scalability and can be easily integrated with any platform. This allows to expand solutions, build entire ecosystems for business management and make savings on equipment costs – and power consumption.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection

AXIS network products have built-in cybersecurity management functions that can withstand cyber-attacks of various types, effectively eliminate vulnerabilities and prevent unauthorized access to the system.
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Axis Equipment Supplier

We have earned the status of a reliable Axis partner. The vendor entrusts us the most complex and important projects.

Gold Partner

Our vast experience and expertise will allow you to increase the efficiency of digital systems built on AXIS solutions on a maximum level.

20+ Years of Experience

We bring professional engineering expertise and stringent quality standards to help your business grow.

Premium Quality Works

AXIS solutions are well known to our engineers, and we will help in choosing the components and building the solution you need according to your demands.

Expert Choice

We develop and proof any innovative concept according to your requirements. We create systems of any level of complexity, and we know how to unleash their potential

A&E Design

01. Development
02. Support
03. Adaptation
04. Exceed Expectations
We know how to develop safety system standards that will put you in the lead. Our solutions become the standard for global corporations and are implemented in other branches around the world.
MTEON assigns a separate team of specialists for each project. Our experts are always ready to advise, help draw up and protect the technical specifications, select systems that will meet all technical, functional, operational and economic requirements.
As usual, the Customers already have security systems integrated, and it is often necessary to adapt Axis solutions to the existing environment. We seamlessly integrate systems tailored to your requirements to work effectively in your environment.
The highest level of competence and professionalism of our engineers and system architects allows them to look beyond the numbers in the specification and see more. When developing solutions, we think about the value that you can get with Axis. We know how to use 1 camera instead of 10, get valuable information and save money over the lifetime.

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A leader in the network video market, Axis is constantly developing new products based on innovative technology platforms.

Find out which Axis technologies can create value for your business.

Axis Technologies

Trusted Worldwide

Sharjah International Airport

«Axis products meet the requirements of Sharjah International Airport. As an airport, we consider ourselves a gateway into the United Arab Emirates and it is very important to secure the gateway for the passengers, staff and the country. Having a trustworthy surveillance system in place provides ease of functioning for the airport and all involved services. Axis delivers on that commitment and we are very happy to be associated with the products and solutions, and look forward to continue working with them to further make Sharjah International Airport a secure destination» - Sharjah International Airport team.
World Biggest Solar Farm

Elera Renováveis is one of the largest companies in Brazil to generate electricity from renewable resources. Elera was faced with the challenge of how best to protect the property. Elera Renováveis secures massive solar farm with fiber optic buried sensor cable and 16 Axis pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras integrated with precision by georeferencing control. The cameras use the geolocation data to automatically change their field of view to provide visual verification of the incident to security staff remotely monitoring the solar field. The security system also integrates Axis network horn speakers that can automatically broadcast prerecorded warnings to trespassers advising them that they are under surveillance or allow operators to intervene with a live message. “In a traditional security solution with fixed cameras and video analytics, we’d map the perimeter terrain of the field and install preset video cameras every 164 feet. We took cameras from Axis and a competitor out to the solar farm to monitor the area and the performance from the Axis cameras in the unlit environment was remarkable.”
675 Premium Hyatt Hotels

Needing to transition its 675-plus properties worldwide onto network video systems, Hyatt Hotels sought out a solution that could be replicated across its 12 unique hotel brands that vary in size and surveillance needs. The company needed a solution that remained discreet as to not distract from the welcoming environment at their properties but also one that could serve as protection to guests and hotel staff alike.
Hyatt defined guidelines for each of its properties to enhance their video standards. Hyatt outlined a cohesive mix of fixed and panoramic cameras that could be brought onto a powerful video management system along with further technologies such as access control and audio equipment.
The instant results from a move to IP video were major boosts in video quality and flexibility in viewing footage from multiple access points. Hotels saw an immediate benefit with simplified distribution of video clips as necessary and ease of configuring cameras remotely. Hyatt has found the equipment to work at a high level consistently in all of the applications in which it has been involved.